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Women's Health
& Pediatric

Welcome, we are happy you are here!

Untamed Wellness is Littleton's premier women's health chiropractic clinic. If you are searching for a female chiropractor who understands women's health and can relate to your concerns through personal experience, look no further. We firmly believe women heal faster when they are treated and supported by other women.


Whether you are dealing with back pain due to pregnancy, in the postpartum healing process, suffering from an old injury, or just looking to improve your physical well being, our skilled chiropractors can help you.

Our providers are also experienced pediatric chiropractors. They are trusted in the community by pediatricians, pediatric dentists and lactation specialists to be part of your care team when addressing symptoms related to tongue tie, infant reflux, colic and body tension.


It is our mission to help women and children of all ages and backgrounds live pain free, active, untamed lives.

We look forward to working with you!

"I saw Dr. Christeen through most of my third trimester of pregnancy and highly recommend her. She helped relieve a lot of the back pain I was experiencing. She's professional but empathetic, and efficient - all qualities that I personally want in a provider. I'll be bringing my baby in to see her as well."

Esther H.

"I feel lucky to have found Dr. Perkins. She helped me immensely with neck pain and helped us get our 10 month old crawling. At 9 months he showed no interest in crawling. Dr. Perkins did an assessment, gave us a series of stretches and exercises to do with him at home each day, and after 3 short weeks he was crawling!"

Leah B.

"I have been seeing Dr. Perkins for terrible femoral nerve pain since my second trimester. She has given me so much continued relief and gotten me ready to give birth. I'm looking forward to bringing my baby in soon!"

Emily B.

"Brought our son to see Dr. Perkins for tongue tie release follow up care and to help with some muscle stiffness due to him being breach. He went from bottle feeds only to exclusively breast feeding in 3-4 weeks. Dr. Perkins was very kind with me and my wife as well and did an excellent job of explaining the care she was providing."

Jonathan B.

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