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Christeen Perkins, DC

Dr. Christeen Perkins was first introduced to chiropractic care during her career as a horse trainer. Her horses would frequently receive chiropractic treatment before a big event and she always noticed an improvement in their performance. It wasn't until after a bad fall that she tried chiropractic for herself. She couldn't believe how quickly she recovered and was able to return to the saddle better than ever.


It was through these experiences she decided she wanted to make a change in career and become a chiropractor to help other people recover and perform as she had.​ She actually began the chiropractic program with the end goal to be an equine chiropractor. Throughout school she found fulfillment in working with human patients that lead her to the career she has today. Dr. Christeen never tires of hearing how chiropractic care has helped her patients show up for their lives pain free and able to experience all that life has to offer.

Dr. Christeen Perkins is a chiropractic graduate from the University of Western States in Portland, OR. Following graduation she has spent time getting advanced certifications in prenatal chiropractic, postpartum chiropractic, and pediatric chiropractic. She specializes in webster technique, postpartum rehabilitation, pediatric tethered oral tissue, dry needling and nutrition for all stages of life. 

Education and Certifications

Denver Chiropractor

Bachelors of Science in Human Biology

Chiropractor Dry Needling

Kineticore Dry Needling Level 1

Chiropractor for Infants

The Chiropractor's Role in Tongue Tie

Chiropactor in Denver

Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine

Dry Needling Denver

Master Dry Needling

Level 2

Prenatal Chiropractor

Prenatal Chiropractic Care: The Dynamic Approach

Webster Chiropractor

Prenatal Care with Webster

Pediatric Chiropractor

Chiropractic Pediatric Examination and Cranial Boot Camp

Postpartum Chiropractor

Advanced Postpartum Care: The Chiropractic Clinical Guide

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