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What is Chiropractic?

You’ve seen the videos on social media, maybe even heard your friends talk about it but you still aren’t totally sure what chiropractic is or if it's right for you. Chiropractic care is a hands-on active approach to your pain and mobility. We aim to ease your symptoms and improve your performance without the use of pharmaceuticals. Our goal is to create balanced movement patterns throughout your body to help reduce compensation patterns and in turn reduce pain. Book a complimentary consultation today with our chiropractor in Ken Caryl to learn how chiropractic can help you. 

Conditions We Treat

Neck Pain Ken Caryl

Neck Pain

Neck pain can originate for a variety of reasons. In today's world we see a lot of neck pain due to looking down at our phones, tablets and other devices. Just because it is common doesn't mean you should have to live with pain. Chiropractic adjustments and soft tissue work can help relieve neck pain.

Back Pain Ken Caryl

Back Pain

Back pain can be so debilitating. With most jobs having to be performed in front of a computer, back pain is becoming more and more common. Fortunately there is a solution! Chiropractic care can help improve spinal mobility and decrease back pain.

Massage Therapy

Extremity Pain

What is extremity pain? It's pain in areas such as your elbow, wrist, knee, and ankle. If it's a joint we can adjust it. Often times extremity pain can be due to and interfere with the activities you love. Don't let this keep you on the sidelines! Book today to reduce pain and return to your active lifestyle.

Jaw Pain Ken Caryl

Jaw Pain

Jaw pain can be helped through myofascial release and mobilizing the temporomandibular joint (jaw joint). For many people jaw pain can be linked to headaches and neck pain. A comprehensive exam and treatment can help address all areas to ensure the root cause of your pain is treated.

Webster Chiropractor Littleton

Chiropractic for pregnancy can be helpful not only for relieving aches and pains but also for preparing your body for labor. Check out our blog on prenatal chiropractic care to learn more about how seeing a chiropractor while pregnant can help you.

Postpartum Pain Littleton

Do you feel as though your health has been put on the back burner now that baby has arrived? Do deserve more and we want you to feel like a priority. Your body just created another human and then endured labor. Let us help you heal and return to the activities that make you feel like your best self. To learn more about how postpartum chiropractic can help you read our blog and request a complimentary consult today.

Torticollis Pediatric Chiropractor Littleton

Yes, kids need chiropractic too! From newborns to teenagers the benefits of chiropractic on the adolescent body are numerous. With baby we work a lot on relieving tension from being in utero, breastfeeding issues and general wellness. With older kids we work a lot on mobility, body awareness and coordination. Read our blog on chiropractic for kids to learn more about what we can do for your littlest family member.



Headaches are not normal! Whether they are due to neck tension, changes in weather, hormonal or from another contributor, they CAN be treated. You don't have to live with headaches. Book today and kiss headaches good bye!

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