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Postpartum Chiropractic

During the postpartum period it is important to take care of your body with just as much intention as you did while pregnant. Your body just endured nine months of pregnancy and powered through labor like a champ. At Untamed Wellness we aim to support our patients through the recovery process that is the fourth trimester. We will help restore functional stability, help you determine when and how to return to activity and help you tune into your body so you can best care for yourself during the healing process.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How soon can I see a chiropractor postpartum?

You can see a chiropractor as soon as you feel ready. Our postpartum chiropractor in Littleton recommends waiting until you are about two weeks postpartum. This allows your body time to adapt to no longer being pregnant and the recovery process to begin.

Can I see a chiropractor while breastfeeding?

Yes! It is totally safe to see a chiropractor while breastfeeding. In fact pain related to breastfeeding posture is one of the most common reasons patients in their forth trimester see a chiropractor. Our postpartum chiropractor will help relieve pain related to breastfeeding as well as give you ergonomic advice for nursing positions to prevent upper back pain.

Can you go to a chiropractor after an epidural?

Yes! You can see a chiropractor after delivering with an epidural. If the site of your epidural is tender, let your chiropractor know so that they can avoid any direct pressure to the area.

Can you go to a chiropractor after a C-section?

Yes! You can see a chiropractor after delivering via C-section. Your appointment will look slightly different than if you had delivered vaginally. This is because we want to make sure your incision site is completely healed before applying rotational force to your low back. While you are still healing it is safe to work on your upper back, neck and pelvis.

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